Dear friend,

God’s Love We Deliver is close to my heart as I am a woman living with HIV. This amazing organization delivers client specific, nutritionally balanced meals to the doorsteps of those homebound due to HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses. I founded Big Love Weekend to support God’s Love We Deliver and give back to my community, our community. I, now, invite you to learn more about Big Love Weekend and join our ‘love campaign’.

As a practicing yogi and yoga teacher for 11 years, I have come to know that karma yoga – the act of selfless service – is the path I am called to teach. In the teaching, and in the giving, there is healing. I wish for you all to experience the bliss that is the reward for selfless service.

Big Love Weekend started out in 2013 as a fundraising birthday party. Each year, my desire to give back to others grows. Our Big Love community grows, and more people are given life sustaining nutrition as a result of our collective efforts. As I put forth the effort to heal those suffering disease, I experience my own healing. Living with disease, especially one with a stigma attached, takes a significant toll on you emotionally. Being an Ambassador of Love and being a catalyst for others to be of service has brought light to the darkest places within myself.

You are invited to step forward.
To shine your light.
To spread awareness.

You are invited to open your heart.
To join a movement.
To get creative.

You are invited to be in community.
To be in service.
To deliver love.

You are invited to go big.
To love big.

You are invited to become an Ambassador of Love for Big Love Weekend!




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